About Us

Rushmore Shooting Supply is a family owned business situated in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Our primary products include hard cast bullets, wax bullets, and pistol brass allowing the use of #209 shotshell primers for fast draw shooting. Although the name has recently changed, the business has been operating in the Black Hills for 3 decades and the quality and reliability remain the same.

Rushmore Shooting Supply is dedicated to providing reliable, high quality products at competitive prices.

Our Mission:

Here at Rushmore Shooting Supply, our primary objective is to provide the best possible products to ensure customer satisfaction.  In order to realize that goal, we concentrate on three key factors; quality, price, and availability.


In order to provide the quality product our customers deserve; we implement multiple visual and physical checkpoints, along with quality raw materials and equipment.  It all begins with foundry certified bullet alloy.  Our standard alloy is 92% lead, 6% tin, and 2% antimony to produce bullets with Brinell hardness of roughly 16.  In special instances, we are able to use alloys with varying concentrations of each element to affect the hardness of the bullet as desired – Please call or email with special requests.

Our quality raw material is then cast in either our Magma Engineering Bullet Master machines or our Magma Master Caster.  The final steps are performed with our Magma Lube Masters.  This quality machinery produces consistent, reliable products you can count on.  This process requires three different stages of physical contact with the bullets, and it is at each of these points that a visual inspection is performed.  Any defects noted are rejected from the lot.


In order to remain competitive within the market, we implement three strategies to control costs.  First, we purchase our raw material in bulk which offers the best possible price per unit, reducing material shipping cost.  Second, we operate our machinery with the assistance of solar energy, positively impacting the environment and reducing production cost.  Third, we take every opportunity to ship our products using the flat rate box option from the United States Postal Service, providing our customers the lowest possible shipping cost.


We are currently capable of producing 32 different hard cast bullet options, 3 wax bullets calibers, and both .38 and .45 pistol brass capable of accepting 209 primers.  We strive to maintain ample stock to prevent unnecessary delays between each customer’s order placement and product shipment.

*Special requests and custom orders are subject to additional production and shipping time.